Twelve Reminders to Reduce Liability in 2016

The year is coming to an end and as I glance back over the last twelve months I am in “shock and awe” as to the amount of unnecessary money employers have had to pay out. Be it to get rid of a frivolous allegation or one that had merit. The problem with both categories is that managers and supervisors let their guard down. Simply stated, “You cannot!”

I have listed below some reminders that will hopefully keep you focused throughout 2016. Print them out or tattoo them on your forehead! Whichever you prefer but do not forget them.

  1. Be fair, firm, and consistent with all of your employees.
  2. When employees are out on a medical leave or have called out sick, DO NOT CALL THEM.
  3. Never terminate an employee when they are on a leave absence.
  4. Never terminate an employee who has just returned from a leave of absence.
  5. Document! If it is not written down, it did not happen.
  6. When documenting, give a written or verbal warning in writing. Signatures from the employee helps.
  7. Use emails responsibly (and for documentation when possible).
  8. Stop yelling at your employees. Take a deep breath. Remember, once you said it, it cannot be taken back.
  9. Remember we are living in an age of technology. Cellphones are used for more than making calls!
  10. Take the time to make the right hiring choice. Do not get impatient.
  11. Watch out for the wage and hour compliance changes on the state and federal levels. They are coming.
  12. Treat others the way you would like to be treated!

Alright, there they are. Twelve simple reminders that will hopefully keep you out of trouble. The only key for you to remember is not to forget! Stay focused.

Happy New Year!



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