New California Labor and Employment Laws for 2015

We were recently asked by a client to post all of the new laws that were effective January 1, 2015. As you can see from the list below it is very extensive. In the alternative, if you see a topic that is of interest to you, go to the internet and look it up by either the “AB” or “SB” number. Be sure to include the “AB” or “SB” before the appropriate number.

AB 1522 – Paid sick leave

AB 2536 – Expansion of “emergency rescue personnel” leave under Labor Code section 230.3

SB 1034 – California’s 60-day waiting period is repealed to conform with the Affordable Care Act’s 90-day waiting period

SB 1446 – Certain small employer healthcare plans may continue through 2015

AB 2053 – Employer harassment training must cover “abusive conduct”

AB 1443 – Unpaid interns and volunteers entitled to FEHA discrimination and harassment protections

AB 2751 – Definition of “unfair immigration-related practices” expanded

AB 1660 – Employers cannot discriminate against employees because of undocumented drivers licenses

AB 1792 – Protection from retaliation extended to employees enrolled in the Medi-Cal program

SB 1360 – Legally mandated rest and recovery periods, such as “cool down periods,” count as “hours worked”

AB 1897 – Expansion of employer liability to workers obtained from third-party labor contractors

AB 1723 – Waiting time penalties recoverable through Labor Commissioner citation

AB 2743 – Waiting time penalties recoverable by unionized, regular short-term theatrical employees

AB 2074 – Three-year statute of limitations to recover liquidated damages claim for failure to pay minimum wage

AB 1634 – Significant changes to abatement requirements during pending Cal-OSHA appeal

AB 326 – Employers may now use email (instead of telegraph) to report serious injuries to DOSH

AB 2617 – Employment arbitration agreements cannot waive certain civil rights claims

If you need any clarification of any of the above please feel free to contact us.


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